Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paris Motor Show 2008

German cars shining in the Paris Motor Show :

mercedes benz bluetec hybrid

Paris Expo saw the International Automobile, which runs from the fourth day until the 10 of this month, provide new models of cars, "BMW" and "Mercedes", where a "BMW" hybrid electric car, and "Mercedes" Vstaid The formulation of a coupe design. Has announced a "BMW" for the auto industry it will be the new luxury car category VII of model hybrid system works, when to unveil a test car at the Paris Motor Show. A spokesman for the company's site by the German television, "Deutsche Welle" The first copies of the production line of the car category would be the seventh on the market in 2009. The car company that combines combustion engine capacity of 300 kW / 407 hp electric motor force 15 kilowatts, which reduces fuel consumption by 15% compared Baltaraz record. With regard to the technical card of the car, you will be asked Bmutur power fully integrated with Gearbox, which provides additional strength and speed up the energy to drive electrical devices. In addition, the engine is a generator of electricity, which collect energy from the power of the brakes and stored in the battery for ion Ithom placed in the trunk. However, it is not yet possible to rely entirely on electricity to drive. The spokesman said the company plans to produce a full Hgeni, has limited ability to walk relying entirely on electricity next year. For its part, the company plans to "Mercedes" was uncovered in the exhibition on the virtual examination of a new model of the coupe and the review of the future generation of cars, "Mercedes" category "any". In this context, the board chairman of the company Geo Dieter Tstcheh: "The study was a new interpretation of a coupe." And technical foundations for this car from the new car category include any new diesel engine cylinder 4. The engine uses Bluetec is powered by 150 kW / 204 hp and a capacity of 2 .2 liter. According to the study of the exterior of the car which tends to Barashaqp an elongation of the introduction to the successor's what makes it Dinamekp streak, and it is even a sense of movement and the car stalled. This impression is confirmed the long side windows and not the tires where the arch is related to the front of the pillar behind the installer does not make this contact. The study also says Mercedes is designed to stimulate interest in the concept of a new unusual design, but also gives experts the opportunity to design a non-traditional topics and new ideas.

BMW Hydrogen7

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